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We're Going Season-less!

Julia GabrielComment

After designing, producing, and selling three collections I've made the decision to go season-less.

The fashion industry gives us specific moments to produce work and then just a few months later tells us its past-season and no longer desirable. The more I work this way, the more I realized how unnatural it is. As an artist I want to let inspiration come to me, not go on a frantic hunt because I'm supposed to design a collection a year in advance. By the time that collection is released, I'm already over it.

My new philosophy is simple; to design and create as the inspiration strikes. Each design will be short-run and numbered, like an artist would number their prints. Once they're gone, they're gone. I'll be able to do more custom work since I won't be so focused on producing an entire collection at once, and my retailers will have the opportunity to receive new product on a more frequent basis, keeping their store fresh and their costumers interested. Since I dye my own textiles, I'll have the freedom to experiment with new colors more often and I'll be able to listen to my customers and make changes quicker.

I'm very excited for this transition into a more fluid and natural design process. My first season-less, short-run bags will be released in February 2016 and I can't wait for the new year with all sorts of new possibilities. 

XO - Julia