Julia Gabriel Studio

in Houston, Texas.

A maker of artful, architectural, and impeccably constructed handbags, Gabriel is a one-woman production line of her eponymous label, Julia Gabriel Studio; from idea infancy to final production, Gabriel's two hands do it all. Her architect father influenced the geometric aesthetic and introduced her to the golden ratio, a mathematical principal that dictates proportional relationships - commonly used in architecture and frequently found in nature. (The spiral of a nautilus shell is one well-known example.) Wired for precision, Gabriel ran with the concept, which has become the guiding structure of her designs. The brands first collection, the Ratio Series, consisted of a handful of leather bags riffing on golden rectangles, as well as squares. Now the aesthetic has grown to include a variety of shapes such as cones and triangular prisms, all nestled within the mathematical rule of proportions learned from her father.